Monday, September 9, 2013

The Yogoslav Beatles Fan Club

Beatlemania was running rampant around the world in the 1960's.  There were branches of the Official Beatles Fan Club in many countries that you might not think of as being countries that loved the Beatles.  Yogoslavia is one of the countries that had a Beatles following and their own fan club.

The club was ran by a young Croatian man named Veljko Despot.   He put out the newsletters and ran the club in Eastern Europe.   Veljko was a journalist as well as a Beatles fan, and he was fortunate to attend the Sgt. Pepper Sessions in February 1967 and become the only Eastern Europe reporter to interview the Beatles (Now that is a great scoop for the newsletter!  I bet the fans loved that!).   You can see him here with John and George outside of EMI during the Pepper sessions.

Also I included some fan club items from his club.   


  1. Wow! Any idea where one can read (preferably in english) his writings about his visit? Which sessions did he attend?

  2. Yugoslavia ist correct

  3. wow, this is fab! so this guy was there when i was outside. why didn't i think to interview them for a brazilian magazine? man, i was really dumb at 15!

    1. I wouldn't go that far!!!! I were smart enough to be there!!!

      Yeah, you didn't interview just sang with them on one of their records!!!! :D

      Pretty smart, if you ask me!!! (not that anyone's asking me, of course but....)

      Brava, Bravo!


    vielleicht ist er es??

  5. I have a copy of the magazine and I've translated it here;