Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Beatles make Abbey Road

A nice man from Italy named Massimo contacted me the other day wanting to share the photos he took in July 1969 of the Beatles as they were entering EMI to make the Abbey Road album.   Of course I am more than happy to share his wonderful photos on this blog.   This is the type of stuff we all love here at MTBFR!   I asked Massimo if he had a story to tell about when he took the photos and this is what he had to say:

The story is very simple: I was in London in the second half of July, 1969 and suddenly I decided to visit the Abbey Road Studios, which I knew from the magazines. But I would never imagine that, during my first visit, I could see Paul McCartney quietly stepping to the studios! Amazing and shocking! In the following days I came again there and I saw all the Beatles, one by one. As you can see, I took some shots (with an old poor camera!) and I asked a boy to take the pic n. 3, in which I am too. That’s all. I tracked down one of the guys in the pictures, I hope I can find also the boy with camera, who’s from the USA, if I remember correctly.

Massimo is also hoping that all of you out there in Pepperland can help him out.   He is looking to contact anyone who was there this particular day in 1969 and was in the photographs.   He especially is looking for the red-headed boy who is holding a movie camera.  He believes this young man was from the United States.   

So how about it?  Let's help out a fellow Beatle fan!   This blog has found fans before, so let's do it again!   Were you at EMI in July of 1969 when the Beatles were recording Abbey Road?   Do you know who the red-headed guy is?   Are you that mystery person?   Do you recognize anyone else in these photographs?    If so you can contact Massimo directly at  or you can email me at

I am really excited to solve this mystery!

That is Massimo with Paul

 A big thank you goes out to Massimo for sharing such wonderful photos with this blog.  All photos were taken by him (well he asked someone to take that one of him with Paul on his camera) and Massimo owns the copyright to these photos.  


  1. Holy smokes, I've been offline for a week, I see I have tons to catch up with! Thank you Massimo for these amazing photos, and thanks for posting them, Sara! You're right, this IS what MTBFR is all about!!!

  2. PS: One thing I like about these pictures is that a lot of the people in the background are fully-grown adults (including, it seems, our friend Massimo!). Just as the Beatles had grown up, so had their fans!!