Thursday, September 5, 2013

John with his man purse

Check out the people in the background who are just sitting on the step.  How are they not chasing down Yoko in her hot pants or John with his man purse?   At least one guy is standing up.   Even if these two weren't famous, you would have had to have noticed them.   


  1. Ha!

    Well, you know what I was just thinking??

    Maybe they didn't recognize John!

    Of course, WE recognize 1971 John because we've seen millions of pics! But this was probably before "Imagine" was released (he was in NYC that summer to finish up recording it, with King Curtis), the last glimpse of him was the shaven head, scruffy faced "Plastic Ono Band" period......and before that the Jesus Abbey Road look! So....maybe they're just doing a double take!

    Oh wait.........YOKO looks the same! Surely they recognized Yoko!!

    Welp......there goes that theory of mine!!!

    (ok, another thing.....they just walked by those people, they very well may have been chatting or something, and not gotten a look at their faces....know what I mean? In NYC, people try to not make eye contact often.)

  2. Or maybe they just recognised him n didn't give a crap

  3. the man standing near John is Dan Richter, their friend living to this time with them in Tittenhurst Park

    1. ....not to mention the guy who played "Moonwatcher", the main ape who throws the bone in the air, in 2001: A Space Oddysey! Kubrick and Lennon, that guy has hung with the heavyweights!!!

  4. Look alot like a young Anthony Weiner?