Wednesday, September 11, 2013

His countryman Roman Polanski


  1. But Ringo's not Polish...

    1. LOL The title comes from a song. Not going to say from where. I am just curious if anyone figures it out.

    2. Wow, you got me there, Sara! The Queen of Titles!!!

      Oh wait....I'll do a search on the lyric! (but I won't tell and spoil it!)

  2. (Ah, ok......I see now. Good one, Sara, good one!!!)

    It's sad seeing that picture, Ringo said that he knew Roman and Sharon Tate, maybe Sharon Tate's out of weird and tragic...but a great picture. Trying to figure out what the occasion is, in this film. It looks to be early 68, Rosemary's Baby was released in June of 68, so it probably isn't the premiere for that.

    Well, anyways, great picture, thanks.

    And GREAT title! I had never caught that lyric before!!!

  3. Photo taken May 18, 1968 at the screening of the UK film, Joanna, at the Cannes Film Festival. Polanski was in Cannes for the premiere screening of his new film, Rosemary's Baby (starring Mia Farrow who had recently become a friend of the Starkey's in Rishikesh, India in February 1968). Behind Maureen, Ringo and Roman Polanski is Peter Brown.

    1. Thanks Lynn. I was just about to answer this question and you beat me to it. :)

  4. Omg, great reference, Sara! It's from the song "Manchester, England, England" from the play "Hair." One of the greatest soundtracks of all time! As a kid I knew those songs backwards and forwards.... and now I wonder how my parents ever let me listen to that album let alone sing along with it! LOL

    "Claude Hooper Bukowski
    Finds that it's groovy to hide in a movie
    Pretends he's Fellini and Antonioni and even his countryman Roman Polanski
    All rolled into one
    One Claude Hooper Bukowski"

    My favorite song is "Frank Mills" which, of course, has a Fab reference:

    "He was last seen with his friend, a drummer
    He resembles George Harrison of The Beatles
    But he wears his hair tied in a small bow at the back"

    Thanks for reminding me of that amazing record!