Sunday, August 25, 2013

Interview from inside the Dakota

These are some pretty interesting photos.   They are from the Japanese magazine, Music Life.  Someone was lucky enough to score an interview with John and Yoko.  Sadly for me, the interview is in Japanese and I cannot read it.    But I think the interviewer was lucky to have been able to interview John and Yoko and inside of the Dakota!

This took place sometime in the summer or  1973.   We can tell this by John's super-short hair cut.  Plus it appeared in the magazine in the September 1973 issue.    The couple moved into the Dakota in April 1973, so in the summer of that year, this still would have been their "new" home and most likely they were still unpacking things and organizing the apartments to their liking.  

John had long hair in the beginning of June and by the end of that month, during the Watergate hearings, John was seen with the really short haircut.   My best guess is that these photos were taken in June as well.  

By October of 1973, John and May had left for L.A. and had taken a trip to Nevada.   So this might have been the last interview John and Yoko did before the separation.   

It is nice to see the inside of the Dakota. 


  1. Cool! Forward this to a Japanese person to translate!

  2. The inside of the building is beyond description...long before J&Y were recommended to buy into the place, I have been an avid fan of the building for many, many years. Having been inside the apartment of a friend...words cannot describe the craftsmanship, the details...just amazing!! I am not a fan of remodeling and/or renovating those apartments into some stark and bare modern one...although some of the apartments in the building are just that! UGH! lol

    1. Hello
      Can you tell me where the Lennons main bedroom was? Thank you very much in advance!

  3. Hi Do you know where their bedroom was located? I read it faced the courtyard. I was surprisedit didntface Central Park West, but maybe a bit too noisy for the main bedroom for John

  4. it's facing the park on the left side of the building