Sunday, August 18, 2013

Good Ol Freda -- How to get involved

As you all know, I have been a supporter of the film, "Good Ol Freda," the documentary about the Beatles Fan Club Secretary, Freda Kelly, since they first announced that they wanted to make such a film.  

I was fortunately enough last weekend to get to see the finished product at the Fest for Beatle Fans.  It was such an amazing documentary.   Those of you who have not seen it yet, are really in for a treat.  Freda gives some tidbits of information that will be new to all of you, but she still keeps secret the things that she does not feel are anyone's business. 

But Freda was  there for all of the Beatles story.   She was one of the few insiders and one of the few who knew details that no one else knew.   Freda went out of her way with the fan club to make sure that the fans from around the world were informed about the Beatles.   If she sent you a autograph, it was the real thing.   If she send you a piece of a Beatles shirt or their hair, you can guarantee that it was the real deal.    Her integrity and her devotion to the Fab 4 is pretty amazing.

Be warned that you will need to bring tissues with you, because it is very emotional towards the end.  And do NOT leave during the final credits because one of the Beatles has a special message.

Sara with Freda Kelly

After the showing of the film, I was so moved by the documentary.   I felt like here at "Meet the Beatles for Real " we are carrying on what Freda Kelly started in 1962.    I wanted to help get the word out about this great film.

So I talked to the people that are working on the film and asked "what can I do?"   And here is what they said to pass along to all of you about how to help get involved in promoting "Good Ol Freda." 

Good Ol Freda is made by Magnolia Pictures and has four songs recorded by the Beatles on the soundtrack.   The film itself is 86 minutes long, but 50 hours of footage was recorded!  In September 2013, the film will be  in New York and Los Angeles theaters.   Then one September 6, 2013, it will be available on video on demand and on itunes.  

If you want to see Good Ol Freda in your local theater, you need to call/email  the theater in your area that plays indie films.  When you contact them, make sure you ask them to Bring "Good Ol Freda" on Magnolia Pictures to their theater.

The DVD will be released on December 3, 2013 and there will be a lot of extras on the DVD.  I know one thing will be Freda talking about Mal Evans.  

Keep checking and their facebook page for up to date information on film releases and film festivals.

This is a movie that was mad for Beatle fans!   And that is us!   So we need to let everyone else know about this film. 

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