Sunday, August 25, 2013

Give me some Lovin'

It is always interesting to me when a Beatleg (or those Dutch imports as many like to call them), uses a fan photo for it's artwork.   The fans who take these photos have no idea that their photo is used for the artwork and obviously get no credit (or money) for it.

One such Beatleg is a single released in 1990 on vinyl.   With the exception of the Deccagone discs, I am not familiar with too many single boots.  But this one is on a label called "Love Devotion Records" and on side A has John Lennon singing "Only You" and on Side B has John Lennon singing "Give me some Lovin'"   The interesting thing about the artwork is that the front side looks like this:

This looks like a nice 1973 era John and Yoko holding hands and walking in New York City fan taken photo.   I would place this photo in August of 1973 going by John's hairstyle.

But then you flip the album over and side B looks like this:

Very interesting....we now see a photo of May and John.   But wait...that is the same John as Side A!   So the full photo looks like this:

This just might be one of the few photos taken of John, Yoko and May.   It is from when May was working for the Lennon's and right before the whole confrontation with May about how she should be with John.   And this historical photo was taken by a fan who had no idea at the time who the heck May Pang even was!  

This is pretty clever packaging for the Beatleg.   The single features songs from 1974, and it was a time when John was between May and Yoko.   He was on his way into getting back with Yoko and yet he was still with May.   Clever....

Many thanks to Kevin at WGYTTN for sending me the photo in the first place which made me go searching through one of the best sight of all time, the BootlegZone!


  1. the fan who took this photo is my late friend janet rudman. she is from new york but lived in england most of her life. and the fans knew who may was.

    1. I am sorry that Janet has passed away. She took a lovely photo. I realized that some fans knew who May Pang was as in someone who worked for John and Yoko. But no one would have had a clue that John was going to leave Yoko for May and live in L.A. just a few months after this photo was taken. So yes, they knew WHO she was in the sense of her job, but not WHO she was going to be in the sense of John's life. If that even makes sense.

  2. hi sara! janet took other beautiful photos too. i now understand what you meant about may and the fans - of course it makes sense!

  3. Whoah! What a photo! What a story (from Lizzie) (of course!)! And what an ingenious Beatleg!! Very funny, very cool, and, fabulously rare!!!

    Thanks Sara, Lizzie, and especially Janet.

    Man oh man, that was some network of fans you guys had going back then, Lizzie B!!!! Who needs cellphones, texts and Twitters when you got Lizzie and Janet!!!