Sunday, June 30, 2013

Winners of the Trivia contest! (and the answers for those who were curious!)

The Beatles didn't win the Trivia contest, but they are always winners in my book!

I want to thank the 8 amazing people that entered the MTBFR first ever trivia contest.    8 isn't very many people and I am slightly disappointed in the turnout, but what more could I do?   I guess next time the questions need to be easier, although all the answers could  be found right on this blog.   My idea was that more people would be looking through the blog.  Oh isn't going to stop me and I will be holding more contests in the future.    So started studying your Beatles trivia!

The winners of the contest are:

1st place winner of the autographed book A Date with a Beatle by Judith Kristen:   Ruby

Congrats to Ruby because she got all of the answers correct and was the only person to have gotten 100% on the trivia.   Way to go!!!!  

2nd place winner of a Beatles lighswitch cover (they can chose either Abbey Road or Help):  Amanda

Way to go Amanda.  She got 14 out of 15 questions correct!  Yippie!!!

3rd place winner of a set of Beatles in Cincinnati in 1966 postcards is champiedog

I am not sure who you are, champidog but you also got 14 out of 15 questions correct.   Yeah yeah yeah!

If you are a winner, please email me with your address and I will try my best to mail your prize out to you before I am out of the country on Friday.

Here are the answers to the question.
 1.  Give the first name of one of the founding members of the Apple Scruffs.
Any of the following would have been accepted:   Margo, Carol, Gayleen, Chris, Lucy, Sue John, Jill, Jenny, Lynne

2.   What is Paul McCartney's London address?
7 Cavendish Avenue

3.   In 1975, John Lennon went to Philadelphia to participate in a telethon.   What item of clothing did John auction off during the telethon?
The answer I was looking for was "his socks."  However, several people said a signed denim cap, which is correct so I also accepted it. 

4.   In 1982, members of Paul's Fun Club were sent invitations to be extras in a music video that also featured Ringo and George Martin.  What song was the video for?
Take it Away

5.   What was the name of the hotel in New York City where the McCartney family almost always stayed while in town?
The Stanhope Hotel

6.    Name one of the Beatle fanzines that were published in the 1970's-1980's.
I would accept any of the following:  The Write Thing, With a Little help from my friends, Harrison Alliance, McCartney Observer, MacLen, Strawberry Fields Forever, The Mess.   I also accept Beatle Book Montly, although I don't really think it falls into the category as a "fanzine" because so many Beatle insiders wrote for it.

7.  What was the name of the New Orleans recording studio where Paul McCartney and Wings recorded the Venus & Mars album in 1975?
Sea-Saint Studios

8.  Who were the two Beatles that attended the Magical Mystery Tour reception held for fan club secretaries in December 1967?
George and John

9.  Name three people who were  backstage with the Beatles at Candlestick Park in 1966.
I would have accepted any of the following people:  Jim Marchall, Ralph Gleason, Mal Evans, Neil Aspinall, Alf Bicknell, Joan Baez, Joan's sister, Marilyn Doerlfer, Tony Barrow, Jim or Barry Feinstein, Captain Frank Flaherty, Ed Freeman, Bob McCay, Rachel Donahue
10.  Whose ranch did the Beatles ride horses on during a break in the 1964 American tour?
Reed Pigman
11.  What type of candy did American fans throw on the stage during Beatles concerts?
In American they threw Jelly Beans.   We do not have "Jelly Babies" in the United States.

12.  What is the title of the painting the Beatles worked on while in a hotel room in Japan in 1966?
Images of a Woman
13.  What is the title of Yoko's book that she and John attended two book signings for in 1971?
14.  What term did Linda use to describe the time she and Paul spent together in Los Angeles in 1968?
"The First Dirty Weekend"

15.  What item of Ringo's did Angie McGowen return to Ringo at the Warwick hotel in 1964?
His Saint Christopher's medal necklace.   I just read that Ringo still has it!

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