Friday, June 7, 2013

The Lost Girl in Paul McCartney's back yard

On July 12, 1967 when Leslie Samuels and Donna Stark were invited into Paul McCartney's backyard, they were in for such a treat!   Paul showed them his 2 month old kittens (one was named Mary...isn't that interesting?), they drank lemonade made by Jane Asher, Paul read from John's book, he joked around with them and signed a ton of stuff.   They ask Paul if they can take pictures and he asks if there is a nice background.  They fret over wondering if the pictures will turn out because Leslie had left her nicer camera at home.  Paul assures them that the photos will turn out.    And here it is 2013 and I see a clear color photo from that day for the first time.  Yes girls the photos did indeed turn out!  

That color photo has been floating around the internet for the past few days without any explanation.  But I know what it is because I have listened to the "Lost girl Tapes" so much that I ended up transcribing them.   (If you want me to email you a copy just let me know!)  That color photo of Paul has seriously brought tears of joy to my eyes. 


  1. Is he holding a cell phone in the 2nd photo? :P

    1. It sort of looks that way, doesn't it? No..that is Leslie's tape recorder that Paul took and started reading John's poem.

  2. Hey Could you send me the copy of the "Lost girl Tapes"

  3. Wondering if it's too late to get a transcript of the tapes? I'd totally love to read them! My email Thank you!

  4. hi there from 2020, could you send me a transcript?
    thank you!

  5. I'd love a copy of the transcript as well! :)
    Thanks you!

    This is such a great website