Sunday, May 19, 2013

A photo for Tammy's uh-oh files

The only thing missing from this photo is Harry Nilsson and I have a feeling he is at the bar getting drinks.  Taken at the Playboy club in 1975. 


  1. Isn't that Stephen Stills with his eyes closed?

    1. Yes, I believe you are right. And the other guy is that friend of Keith Moon who was his assistant. You see him pop up in photos from this time period.

  2. Sara, you are outdoing yourself again. yeah, that's Dougal Butler on the right, that was Moon's personal assistant (kind've like his Mal Evans). And that definitely looks like Steve Stills, who was partying hard in the 70s, definitely not outside the realm of possibility that he'd be hanging with this lot!

    Ha, Harry's getting drinks at the bar! Very funny, Sis!!!! Thank God Ringo (and John) made it out alive, most of the folks they were hanging with around that time did not.