Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Wings Sign

I have been on a real "Wings" kick lately.  Honestly, it has been a long time since I really listened to Wings and I feel like I am rediscovering the band.   Great music!   I highly recommend giving them a listen if you haven't done son in awhile.  

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  1. Me too!!!

    I've always maligned "Wildlife"....it's got some of his greatest songs! "Tomorrow" and "Some People Never Know" are fantastic! Absolute top shelf Macca!

    "Spin It On" too, from "Back To The Egg, totally rocking! "Arrow Through Me"? I used to hate that song.....thinking it was totally cheesy....now I'm like....listen to how sophisticated and brilliant it is! Absolutely great.

    "I'm Carrying" also, from "London Town", very beautiful. I had read somewhere that that was George's favorite song from "London Town"...it took a bit, but it grew on me, now I love it.

    "One Of These Days" from "Mccartney II" (i know it's not Wings, but still....), another totally overlooked gem. That one I loved since I first heard it, back in 1980! Never could understand why it wasn't more popular!

    Paul said that he thought one day people would rediscover his solo work, I totally agree.

    Henry McCullough just died last week, poor guy. That great guitar solo on "My Love" will live as long as we've got turntables, cd-players and i-pods!