Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ringo and Maureen

I found this on tumblr this evening.   I like the people in the background as Ringo and Maureen walk around the cars.   I also like Ringo's jeans. 


  1. Roma, OK, ma quando? Forse alla prima del film girato nel '68 (se mai c'รจ stata, a Roma...)?

  2. The tumblr blog that posted this photo (sheismaureen) said it was taken in Rome in 1970. I did some research, since Ringo and Mo never looked quite like this in 1970 - and found Ringo arrived in Rome and began filming his starring role in Blindman on June 17, 1971. Ringo's hair and beard along with Maureen's hair length with the blonde tips fit perfectly with the June 1971 Rome location timeframe.

    1. Great detective work, Lynn! Thank you!!!