Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On stage

I have had this photo in my files for many years, but it was very small.  I just got this much larger version today and I really like it.   Does anyone know what event this is from?   Harry did not ever give concerts, so I am not sure why he is on a stage with Ringo and hundreds of people (one of which is hoping to get Ringo to sign Sgt. Pepper).   Could this have been from the screening of "The Son of Dracula" movie in Atlanta?    Ringo and Harry gave a press conference and then they attended the actual movie.    I have a small fuzzy photograph from this and both of them seem to be wearing all black.

Well...what do you know...I think I just answered my own question!   I have a few more photos from this time of Ringo and Harry that I bought along with this one, but I will save them to share for later.  Goodnight Beatle fans everywhere!


  1. Did you decide where this was taken?

  2. Yes! It is from the Son of Dracula movie screening in Atlanta, Georgia on April 19, 1974