Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Little Child

That cute little girl in the background behind Paul rode on an airplane with him!   I am sure that she knew who she was.  Maybe she even went up to him and talked to him and asked for his autograph.   By the way, this is the only time-period when it was acceptable for Paul McCartney to have a mustache. 

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  1. HA! Always cracks me up when you point that out about the mustache!

    It's funny, it wasn't until I found this blog that I realized how many other years Macca had the 'stache! I knew 74 (and obviously 69 and 71), but i never knew about that hideous 1976 era 'stache!!! That would have to be the worst!

    Perfectly titled post again, Ms. Schmidt! At first I didn't even notice her! So cute!

    I guess this was the going-to-see Jane Asher in Denver trip? Where he came up with the MMT idea?