Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Floating down stream

A lot of people had an opportunity to meet Paul McCartney the day this photo was taken, although most likely they had no clue who he was!  If you look closely you will see Paul and his then girlfriend, Dot, in this photo.  It was taken in Hamburg in 1961.


  1. Nice find! Any story behind this photo?
    And does anybody know when Dot was in Hamburg?

  2. Dot and Cynthia Powell visited Hamburg during their Easter break in April 1961. A few photos of Cynthia in Germany have been published, but haven't ever seen any with Dot!

  3. Whoah!!!! Sara!!!! That's does it, THIS is the best blog ever!!! Where oh where did you ever find this one?!! Wow. The fans are on their feet over this one!!!

  4. Thanks Lynn! And now one for the experts: What does "Easter break" actually mean datewise in the british school system (uh... art school system to be more precise, right?) in 1961 (the photo can`t be from 1960 then because they were not yet in Germany in April).
    Can we get any closer to the date (for those absolute dating freaks)?
    Let me start with the actual public holidays:
    1961: March 31 (Good Friday) - April 3 (Easter Monday)
    I think (!) easter school holidays are something like 2 weeks starting with easter monday, so in that case the photo could have been taken between March 31 and April 16.

  5. Yes Lynn thank you. I changed the date so it doesn't confuse anyone. If I remember correctly, Cynthia talks about this in her book, John. Although Cynthia's book didn't have really any exact dates.

  6. Cynthia is more detailed in her first book, A Twist of Lennon, about this trip being her Easter break from college. But she doesn't give exact dates.

  7. Is that Stuart wearing his glasses in front of Paul and Dot? (Half of him is a bit blocked from the man standing) Looks like him!
    Amazing find!
    I hope we can see more pictures from this time!

  8. Definitely looks like Stu to me, too. (Which means maybe Astrid and/or John were lurking?) And I think that's George Costanza to Paul's left...

  9. Great eye everyone! I didn't even notice "Stu" in the photo. But that does indeed look like him. And yes Cara...who knew that Geroge Costanza was in Hamburg in 1961? That totally looks like him in character and everything. thanks for the laugh. :)