Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cute Couple

Photo by Michael Ward
Ringo and this lady look adorable together....anyone know who she is?   My Ringo sure looks young here!


  1. This is an alternate photo from the 19 February 1963 photo session, that spanned the whole day and several locations. Here they are warming up at Brian Epsteins office, after walking the streets of Liverpool, where they posed for many photos. I don`t know who the girl is, but there is one more photo of her, talking to John from earlier in the same day (another girl talking to Ringo who might be Maureen) and another one that might show her (and "Maureen", if it is her) looking down on the boys standing on the stairs of the pier wall.
    Here is a nice source:

  2. Thank you for the link Ken. I love the candid photos and the photog's comments about that day were very interesting.