Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where are the Scruffs?

It seems strange to see a photo of one of the Beatles at Savile Row and not see any fans hanging around.  And in my mind I think that is what Paul is telling Linda here, "Well, those Apple Scruff girls actually left?   Never thought I would see the day....."  

Although the real question here is why is Paul McCartney and Linda going into #3 in February 1972?


  1. Ha! Very good question! What, indeed!

    Linda seems to be wearing the same coat she had on when she married Macca!

  2. The entry is a bit eerie without the scruffs.

    I wonder if Paul and Linda were there to mix “Give Ireland Back to the Irish.”

    BTW: Sara, I love your site!

  3. Yes i saw a similar picture in a magazine here in Holland from 1972 and it was about Give Ireland Back .
    Funny that Paul still used Apple because he didn t want to have any connections with the company at that time .