Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ringo radio

Serena Torz and Ringo.  copyright Serena Torz  posted here with permission

In the mid 1980's (most likely 1984), Serena Torz met Ringo Starr at a radio station where she worked at the time.   By the look at the smile on her face in this photo, it was a great event!   I think Ringo is looking particularly handsome here.   I guess it is because it is a rare photo of him without the sunglasses!


  1. Aw, she must have been so excited!

    Hey, I just happened upon this and want to make sure that you, Sara, had a chance to see it, just in case you didn't.

    Talking about meeting the Beatles for real! Martin Short was on Jimmy Fallon the week he hosted SNL, with Paul as musical guest. Fallon, who obviously is a huge Beatles fan, asks Short about it and then prompts Short to recount an anecdote of meeting George Harrison back in the 90s. And with a touching postscript regarding Dhani. So, just in case you (or anyone else) didn't see this (i didnt know about it myself until a few minutes ago!), here's Martin Short on the Jimmy Fallon show talking about meeting George Harrison....for real!

  2. Wow, just came across ANOTHER story/picture of someone "meeting the Beatles for real!"