Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finally a Ringo photo!

Here is another ebay find!  Ebay has been having some good ones lately, although I personally wouldn't pay those prices (and I have been known to spend a lot of money on Beatles photos).   Somehow I would think that this photo was taken by someone who visits this blog or someone who visits knows someone who took it.   It just looks like it is from that time period of the Regulars and the Scruffs.  

I am excited that it is a "new" Ringo photo.   Fan taken Ringo photos from the Beatles era aren't easy to come by, because there just aren't that many.    So it is exciting when one pops up. 


  1. Looks as if he is leaving Abbey Road studios. Kind of resembles the outfit he wore on the cover of the album. Maybe the pic was taken on the way to the famous photo shoot just out the door.

  2. Actually this looks like the Apple office at Savile Row. 1969?

  3. Yes, that white door, but mostly the number 3 on the door frame, says it all. :)