Monday, January 28, 2013

Briefcase buddy


  1. Way cool! Can you imagine? I live in NYC, I can't even imagine bumping into John Lennon (or any of the Beatles!).

    Been away for a week, wow, great pics i've been missing!!!

    Hey, Sara, I have a....request! A rare request!! When I was a young lad of about 9, I remember seeing a news article about Ringo's house burning down. I think it was 1978 or 79. There was a picture of a forlorn Ringo, in sunglasses, watching his house burn down, while a fan rushed up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck and looked to be sobbing, in gratitude that he was safe.

    I've never seen it since I was about 9! So...if it's something you might have in your collection....since it's definitely a person meeting a Beatle for real.....I'd love to see it again! Even though it's a sad picture.

    So there 'tis! Just a little request, I did a search around the net, I couldn't find it. There is a short news clip of it on You Tube I just found.

    Anyway, glad to be back!

    1. Believe it or not, I have the Ringo photo you are thinking of! My electronic Beatles photo collection is pretty amazing. I wish I could show off all of the photos. I can't locate your email, so if you could drop me a line, I will email you that Ringo photo from the fire. There is a story about the fire somewhere around here....

    2. Thanks sister!!!!! I'll drop you a line right now!!

  2. wow i just came across this photo as i was starting my day doing a beatle surf - thank you for sharing this!
    it must have been a life inspiring moment to stand there with john <3 !! what did he say to you? in this day of celebrity news of stars hitting fans this picture reminds us of the grace and humanity these men of genius and love felt for all - please post more - and i would to see that ringo picture too! cheers
    greg k

  3. This photo was taken outside the INS office downtown NYC, the fan standing next to John is Robin Titone, who also co-authored a book about the Beatles ...just thought you'd like to know that! :)