Monday, January 14, 2013

Before the big show

I enjoy these "smoke break" photos of the guys before they did the "All you need is love" performance. 


  1. wow! "new" ones for me. my friends saw them that afternoon - isn't this the day before they did the actual performance? i didn't think they would be there and went to see... wait for it... a double feature of help and a hard day's night!

    1. HA!!! Well, still, a double feature of Help and A Hard Day's Night, in 1967, before the advent of videotape or even before they started broadcasting those movies on TV......I can totally understand!!

  2. Yes it is the day before the "Our World" performance - at the press call on the afternoon of Saturday 24 June 1967

  3. i remember another day when we saw them come in to emi, rushed to catch a double feature of the above films and rushed back to see them come out! it was beatles live and on the screen in one day!