Monday, January 28, 2013


I am not sure if that older woman is trying to protect Paul from the screaming girls or if she is joining in on the Beatlemania!


  1. am I way off, or is the older woman Angie McCartney, with Jim to Paul's left? same stature, same glasses, same age...

  2. That's not Paul's father. And the woman looks too old to be Angie, plus she doesn't look like her anyway. She is wearing something on her head that a waitress would wear, and she seems to be wearing a waitress uniform too. Maybe they were eating somewhere and they got mobbed and she is trying to protect them? Who knows?

  3. These pictures were taken on Saturday, 11 July 1964 at Teddington Studios where the Beatles had arrived via boat on Teddington Lock to appear on "Thank Your Lucky Stars". The woman is probably a nurse (as the TV people were no doubt expecting fan scenes)