Sunday, December 2, 2012

Springtime with the Lennons

This is another update from the Harrison Alliance written by Jude.   It was in the June 1979 issue and had a few little cute stories of when Jude saw John that spring.   The photo I am posting does not go with the stories, but it seems to be  a slightly different frame from May 1976 than had been posted before.   Just a warning that I scanned it from an 8 x 10 photo, so it is going to be very large. 

Hi gang!  Hope all’s well.  We’ve been enjoying the return of the Spring AND the Lennons, seeing them nearly each weekend.  On March 21st the family and our friend who doubles as Lennon Music’s Secretary/nanny to Sean, left for a 3 week vacation in Florida (John gets these cravings for Disney World…).  They were joined down there by Julian, who had flown down on holiday from school, stayed at a private house they’d rented, and did lots of swimming and sunning.  The arrived home again on the 12th of April.

Before and since their holiday, as well as Dad giving us plenty of attention and vice versa, we’ve been lucky to be spending lots of playtime with Sean, with him keeping us equally amused.  Recently, with grown-up-like sincerity, he told us about a birthday party he’d missed out on because a playmate, the birthday girl, got sick.  According to Sean, he couldn’t go because “she had chickenpops!”  (Rolling his eyes, then shaking his head emphatically and adding), “but they didn’t eat the chickenpops, cause they’re no good for you.  They make you sick, jerkies!”  At that point he broke into giggles and leaned so far backwards he went right on him little behind!  Relating the story of Mom and Dad later, they cracked up and thought it was cute too.  John’s been pretty cute and whimsy himself lately.  Just yesterday (May 24th) he and Sean spend a full half hour with me and a friend sitting outside on his front step while one of our hard-working doorman pals tried to get them a cab.  It was a cloudy day with rain threatening, so taxis were almost non-existent.  John, his disposition as sunny as ever, was not the least bit impatient and just sat back with Sean cuddled between his knees, entertaining us to no end with his whistling, joking and small-talk (which covered everything from his Auntie Mimi to Sesame Street!).  It was wonderful – we could’ve been in heaven!  Later, on their return, he brought Sean (this time sound asleep cradled in his arms) over to us to let us see how sweet he looked.  We chatted for a while, stroking the baby’s head, til John thought perhaps his arms were tiring and it was at best “time to go in and have our nap – together – with Bill Boggs.”  (Bill Boggs being the host o the news program “Mid-day live!” –John and his TV of course!) 

 We also saw and spoke to him later with Yoko, when they went out for some groceries on the way back.  Each time John initiated most of the chit chat!  He was just so warm and funny and what a joy watching him to tenderly snuggling and playing with Sean.  His happiness just radiates from him and he leaves you with such a nice happy feeling inside.  As always, Yoko was lovely.

Another cute one?  Having become big Robin Williams fans, THA pal Jeri and I also recently got a ribbing form John, who when he spied our rainbow suspenders, kidded us saying, “Ya look like Mork and Mindy!”  (He loves the show to and you bet that line slayed us!)  Well, one point for John, but we still lead!  I gave him a pair, explaining that now he could really be one of the gang and he was tickled pink, to put it mildly, and he went spare over them (He is thirty-eight going on five!)  Shazbot!  And welcome to second childhood.

We can tell you that the Lennons have  been somewhat into antique collecting lately-  a good investment project.  They’ve bought some furniture, and John just recently picked up an old fashioned shortwave radio.  Among recent non-antique purchases, John’s now the owner of a new Mercedes station wagon, few of which are to be sold in the U.S.  A real necessity, considering John almost always travels by limo service or taxi.  Oh well, maybe this will be his excuse to ditch his second hand Town and Country wagon, still being waked in the garage!  People you n ever know.  Take care and stay happy.

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