Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Ring in the new

Beautiful photo of George at Friar Park (notice the jukebox in the background) standing by a Christmas tree.   But who are the two ladies in the photo?

Wanna see more Christmas/Winter themed Beatles photos?   Then go to the the "Meet the Beatles for Real" facebook page!


  1. Olivia has two sisters, Chris and Linda. Could be them if it's the holiday season!

  2. Hi, sorry, but they are two argentine girls. Cristina and Cecilia Marino are friends of mine and in ocassion of winning a tv challenge, they had the chance to go to England and visit George.
    George was aware of their existence because year by year, they sent him birthday gifts and xmas cards to all the harrison family.
    That ocassion they went to Friar Park and spoke to Olivia first, and Olivia promised them that George woud call them to their hotel.
    So he did, but also he asked his brother to pick up them abd bring yhem yo Friar.
    They spent the whole afternoon with the family, George gave them precious things like his own clothes , picks, sing along with them on studio and show them some songs that many years after, were part of "Brainwashed".
    I could see that treasures and I assure you that they both deserve what happened, because they love George with depth.

  3. Oh it is wonderful that they are fans! What a wonderful photo and memories Cristina and Cecilia must have! I am happy for them. It warms my heart when I hear of true fans getting such amazing opportunities.