Monday, December 17, 2012

Remebering Ravi

I realize that I shared Ravi Shankar photos on my "Meet the Beatles for real" facebook page, but I never posted anything here on the blog.   This is a lovely photo of George and Ravi.   We will miss Ravi and wish him well on his new part of the journey.  

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  1. Spectacular photograph, it's like you're there! Buddies and pals, that's great.

    Absolutely, amen to that, sis, I've been listening alot to Ravi this year, recordings George produced in the amazing. There's one, I think it's called "In Concert", it's live in the 70s and George produces it, it might be unbelievable. You can hear the soul striving in the music, the whole vocabulary of life, using the vocabulary of music...highly recommended.

    (here is an article about it on Wikipedia...worth getting...