Thursday, November 1, 2012

George in Australia 1984

Last week there was some rumors about Geroge never going on a holiday in the mid 1980's to Australia.  Some people said that he was there for sure, others say it was a bunch of lies and George never stepped foot there.   But the truth is in the photos, and someone was kind enough to dig into their personal photo album to show off these gems.

Since then Esperance producer Clara Heeroma has been sent photographic evidence by Fiona Norwwod who said the rock music great stayed with her family in the 1980s.
"George Harrison came to Esperance in 1984 with his bodyguard and financial advisor. He stayed with the Moore family in Condingup for about a week. Here he is playing his sitar, enjoying some time at the beach with the Moores, and being interviewed by a very young Simon Moore for the local paper," she said.


  1. Didn't George claim he hadn't touched a sitar since the late 60s, which was when he realised he'd started playing too late to be any good at it?

    I wonder if he took it to Australia (which would show a show a continuing strong interest) or if its one that happened to be where he was staying.

  2. From 1982 onwards George went to Australia (and on occasion, New Zealand) many times. |He had a home on Hamilton Island, Queensland for awhile before the press leaked it). There's plenty of interview footage out there that backs this up. What sort of idiot would say that he never set foot there? an American without a passport??