Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just a couple of tourists

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This is a neat and rare item is available from Tracks UK and it can be yours for 7,000 pounds.  According to the listing on Tracks, on May 14, 1973, John and Yoko were at the airport in New York ready to board a flight.    Bob Hazen and his team from his company had won something and was heading to Spain.  John and Yoko just happened to be on the same flight.  Now where John and Yoko were heading, I am not sure.   Obviously with John's immigration troubles still going on in 1973, they weren't going to Spain.   But I do not have a whole lot of information on John's whereabouts in the months before he and Yoko's separation.  

Anyhow, the group wanted a photo with John and Yoko and they agreed.   After the photo was taken, John asked Bob if he could get a copy of the photo.  Bob said sure and John wrote down his address (the Bank Street Apartment as I guess they hadn't moved into the Dakota yet, although that was coming soon!) on a scrap of paper.    Once Bob returned to the U.S., he sent the copy of the photo to John as he promised, most likely never expecting to hear from the Lennon's again.   Well in July 1973, John writes (types actually) a thank you note to Bob.  (Yes, Aunt Mimi raised him right!)   And we learn that John and Yoko hung the photo from the airport in their kitchen.

Interesting story for sure. Does anyone know where John and Yoko were traveling in May of 1973?


  1. Keith Badmans Book (After The Beatles) isn't very good, but in this "item" he has an information:
    14 May: "In Houston, Texas, Yoko is awarded permanent custody of her daughter Kyoko. But one problem remains; the child still cannot be traced." Maybe this is right.

  2. Yes, it seems like they shared a flight from Houston to NYC, with Bob and Co. heading on to Spain. What a charming note John wrote! Reminds us of the openness that once existed between the Beatles and the public.