Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Apple

Many thanks goes out to everyone who sent me special birthday wishes on facebook today.   You have no idea how happy those messages made me.  I have always felt a little lucky to have my birthday just one day before John's.   I also always wished that I could have held out just a little longer and have been born one day later so that we could have shared a birthday.   

Here is a very rare and special item that I spotted in an auction many years back.   Obviously I don't own it and I am not sure who does.   But it is a special birthday gift that John gave to Ringo back in 1970.   I re-found the photo in my files the other day and thought this was a good time to share it just because I thought it was so different and neat.  



  2. Happy Birthday, Sara!!!!! We are so glad you were born, thank your parents for us!!!!!!! It's made all the difference!!! Nothing is unaffected! Thank you for all your efforts, generosity, and zeal!