Sunday, October 21, 2012

Extras on MMT

More Magical Mystery Tour in the news.   Here is the story of two girls who were area fan club secretaries that were able to be extras in the Magical Mystery Tour film.   Similar to how I am curious as to who all was present on the rooftop, I am just as curious to figure out who all was present on the Magical Mystery tour coach.   Here are two more names we can add to the list:   Sylvia Hillier and Jenni Evennett.

Jenni in the back ground during the film

Sylvia and Paul during filming
TWO BEATLES FANCLUB SECRETARIES recall how they hopped on board The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour bus at 7am one day in 1967 as special guests of the Fab Four. Sylvia Hillier was a 19-year-old receptionist in a factory who lost her job as a result, while 16-year-old schoolgirl Jenni Evennett bunked off school to join the week-long filming. They told this morning’s Saturday Live on Radio 4 that it was a bit like a “happening” where nobody was given lines or seemed to know what they were doing. Sylvia was dressed all psychedelic in orange, “my flower-power stage, with kaftan, flairs, bells and beads”. Jenni said that for continuity they couldn’t change for a whole week: “I wore a little brown spotted dress with white collar, bells and beads and lots of deodorant.”

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  1. what a site this is ! I have wondered for a long time, who is that girl in the white collared dress? she is in the group photo at the back of the magical mystery tour album,to the right of Paul and Jessie Robbins, and at the dinner table scene across from the other girl here. I always thought she was rather sweet looking when i was a teen, greetings from Canada Jenni !