Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everyday Lennon

The John Lennon fan known as Jude wrote for the Harrison Alliance about John in every issue.   Her along with her friend, Jeri were two girls who spent a lot of time waiting for John and Yoko outside of the Dakota in the 1970's and in 1980.    They became friendly with the couple and had many stories of meeting John.     These two fans seemed to have gotten out of Beatle fan circles after John's death.  And if you know anything about these two (if you don't -  google them), it is really understandable.  And just a side note:  That Chapter 24 movie is now showing on cable and I am refusing to watch it for many reasons, but most of all because I do not like that  they used Jude's name for the Lindsey Lohan character.   I am  not sure how they try to portray her, but the whole film just makes me sick and I do not like that they put a character based on Jude into the film.   

Anyhow.....Jude has returned on facebook through her daughter putting together a group page called "Everyday Lennon"   She  promises to share stories about Jude's friendship with John Lennon from 1977-1980.   Already there is a very  nice photo of John that Jude took as well as some photos of people around the Dakota building during that time.  

In the meantime, I am happy to share one of the article that Jude wrote in the March 1978 issue of The Harrison Alliance.   The photos I included were photos that were taken at a birthday party for Yoko later in the week as the story featured below.  

Recently a counterpart, Jeri Moll, and myself spent Yoko’s birthday (Feb 18 1978) bearing our good wishes in person and were obliged by our dear Mr. Lennon himself who voluntarily stood to chat with us on his doorstep in the midst of a small snowstorm!  It seems Mr. L. by far enjoys our company most when we are of our best appearances with our heads wrapped in scarves and pursuing the “wet look” in spite of it all.  John was in great humor despite the weather, whimsical really, and looking terrific in a lovely fur jacket (white with black and tan splotches) complete with eskimo hood, which he wore up the whole time just to slay us!  He graciously acknowledged our birthday wishes to Yoko and suggested too that she be even more pleased if we should deliver them directly, as she’d be along.  (Yoko and Sean’s nanny were still a good ways down the street, likely having stopped to check out a store window or whatever, while dad and Sean had gone on ahead.)    Sean is once again a real angel – a joy watching him toddle about, and very responsive, give us a big “Hiiiii” when we said hello to him, and proceeded to hold out for us to see, a little paper valentine heart he was holding.  We were knocked out at how freely John let us indulge ourselves with the baby as he’s usually for the most part more protective and cautious with him, not to mention watch his chest swell as he mused over his little one.  Yoko and the nanny followed after sometime and seemed pleased to be able to thank us for our sentiments of the day.  Again, we hope you had a happy, Yoko!  And thanks especially to John for giving us so much time in such nasty weather!

Julian was in town for nearly all of January, visiting the folks.  While here he took in “The Magic Show” at the Cort Theater with Yoko and also, with Dad this time, took in a Central Park gig by a band called “Riff-Raff.”  We hear he and Dad put the mountains of snow in the park to good use and also that he loves his lil brother’s company to no end!  Julian’s also looking more like John than ever, right down the wire rimmed specs he now sports! Presently he attends Ruthlin School in N. Wales and along with some of his mates had formed a band which plays only Beatles numbers!

We have recently learned that John has purchased 140 acres of property in upstate New York and “an undisclosed number of cows” with plans of establishing himself a dairy farm! This is apparently more than rumor, as neighbors in the area have already been quoted as saying it seems a lovely idea and an effort of getting back to nature, perhaps.   John himself recently elaborated by saying the family plans to use the farm as a summer place, so we are now safely assuming that top priority of this project is Not his simply tacking all these innocent cows single-handedly.  Then again these lads of ours have always been apt to surprise us, so your guess is as good as ours!

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  1. Jude here. Erin is Jeri's daughter. Also, the gal in the photo below is no me.