Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Beatles Stories - DVD review

I first saw the film, Beatles Stories, a the premiere at the Fest for Beatle Fans in Chicago this past August.   I wanted to watch the film again before  I wrote this review.

This DVD takes what I do here at this blog to the next level.   My original idea was to have a blog that focused on the photos and stories of fans, just regular people from around the world, who met one or more of the Beatles.  And it is a great idea and has been very well-received.   Well, this DVD really takes that as a basis and kicks it up a notch. 

Beatle fan and songwriter, Seth Swirsky made this film by deciding to take a camera and film individual who had  a story to share about knowing or working with or meeting one or more of the Beatles.    And as simple as that, Seth interviews a variety of famous people, or people that were within the Beatles larger circle of contemporaries and as them share a story about the Beatles.   The result were amazing!

How this guy, Seth, was able to interview all of these people is beyond me.   These interviews only last about 4-5 minutes each.  There were stories from people such as George Martin, Victor Spinetti, Davy Jones, Nancy Andrews, May Pang, Henry Winkler, Jackie DeShannon, Jack Douglas, Art Garfunkel, Fred Seaman,  Klaus Voorman, and many other people.   And while a large majority of the people who talked I had heard speak at Beatle conventions, the stories that were told on this DVD were all new to me!   

Some of my favorites included:  Nany Lee Andrews telling the story of when Ringo proposed to her, May Pang telling who her favorite Beatle was (it wasn't John), Henry "the Fonz" Winkler meeting with Paul McCartney, and the funniest story is from Jack Douglas from the recording of Double Fantasy.

It is also confirmed by Art Garfunkel that John was very seriously considering going to New Orleans and working with Paul McCartney in 1975.   And while this has been known from May Pang and from a post card John had sent to someone around that time, it is very interesting that he talked to Artie about it.

By far my favorite interview was with Cathy Sarver.   As you all know, Cathy was one of the Apple Scruffs.   She shows many of her rare photographs and tells about George writing the Apple Scruffs song.  She then reads the letter George wrote to three of the girls (including her).    I was in tears when I first saw it!   So wonderful.

Screenshot of Ringo with Cathy in the background

Taken from the Beatle Stories web page.  Cathy shows off her Beatles photos.

This DVD was only $15 when I bought it from the Fest, so it is reasonably priced.   It is well worth the time to track down and watch.   If you like the stories I share on this blog, then you will enjoy this film for sure.


  1. Can anyone send me the link to get this FVD??
    PLEASE send any info to me at montydaman@aol.com.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Harold you can order this DVD from http://www.thefestforbeatlefans.com (where I got mine). It is also on Amazon and several other places. Hope you find it soon!