Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This will be me in 2 months!

Happy news to report!   I have my ticket to see Paul McCartney in concert at my "home" town of St. Louis, Missouri on November 11, 2012!!  Now I know that many of you readers see Paul all of the time.   You have the luxury of Paul coming to your town or you have  the ability to travel to wherever he is performing.  

Paul does not play St. Louis very often.  This will be his 4th time ever playing here.   (Once with the Beatles in 1966, once in 1993, once in 2002 and now in 2012).   Being a teacher, it is difficult for me to just travel anytime outside of summertime to go to a concert.   So I have been waiting for what feels like a really long time to see him once again (saw him in 2002).   I had the sad reality that this most likely will be my last time ever to see Paul in person.   He only comes around every 10 years.  Most likely he won't be performing when he is 80 (although Paul can prove me wrong on that statement!).   And while I cannot afford the $2,000 to see the soundcheck and be up near the stage, I did splurge a bit ($170 seats) in seeing him.   It saddens me that most likely I will never be a person that will have my own "Meet the Beatles for Real" story and it just makes me appreciate the stories I share on here even more. 

Is anyone else going to be at the St. Louis concert?   Do you think it would be alright if I handed out my business cards at the show advertising this blog?   Or would that be a little pushy?  


  1. You WILL meet one of the Beatles for real one day, Sara!!! You will! I know it!

    Me, I personally DON'T want to meet the Beatles....I'd be scared stiff!!! I'd run away!! One time I was in a restaurant, talking to a friend of mine, and as I was talking I noticed my friend's eyes got really wide, looking right behind me. Finally, after noticing this for a minute or so, I turned around and there was Mick Jagger. I turned back around, wiped my mouth with my napkin, got up and abruptly walked out of the restaurant!!!!

    And that's just Mick! Pfffft! If that's my reaction to Mick, I don't know what I'd do if it were Ringo or Paul.

    You....you'll handle it better when your time comes, Sara!

    Hey, Sara, real quick, I always love hearing this, I asked John Winn and he answered on his blog.....would you mind going on the record for the following:

    1.) Favorite Beatle songs (obviously there's more than just one!).

    2.) LEAST favorite Beatle songs (are you a "You Like Me Too Much" hater?? You can admit it!)

    3.) Favorite Beatle? (Winn passed on this question!)

    4.) Fave Beatle album(s)?

    5.) Fave Beatle book(s)

    6.) Fave Beatle solo album (1 for each Beatle)

    7.) Least fave Beatle solo album (you can list as many as you want!)

    This is very important information, inquiring minds need to know!!!

  2. Here are today's answers to your questions:

    1. Favorite Beatle song: In my life (also love All you need is love, I call your name, Hey Bulldog, A day in the Life and Day Tripper)

    2. Least favorite song: Old Brown Shoe (yes I know all about the awesome bass line and I still cannot stand that song. Sorry!)

    3. Favorite Beatle: Do you really have to ask that one? LOL! JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Favorite album: That changes all the time. Right now it is Rubber Soul. Although Sgt. Pepper and Revolver often are my favs as well.

    5. I have so many favorite Beatle books: Anything from Bruce Spizer, Waiting for the Beatles, All our loving, 8 Arms to Hold you, the Ray colman Lennon biography, but Mark Hayward's photo album is one of my top favorites.

    6. Solo album....geesh...not really really into solo Beatles but let me think:

    John: Walls and Bridges(or Rock n Roll)
    Paul: Flaming Pie
    George: Cloud 9
    Ringo: Ringo (also love Sentimental Journay and Vertical Man)

    7 Least favorite solo....
    I don't have all of the Beatles solo albums. I really don't have a lot of George albums. And there is that whole Ringo in the mid 1970's era that I never bought either. The first solo album that pops in my mind that I dislike is Driving Rain. I also don't like Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. If Two Virgins and Life with Lions counts then those are on my list as well.

  3. Fascinating that both you and John Winn singled out "Driving Rain" as a lousy album! I don't have that one, I shall avoid it!

    Also, both of you have a George song as "least-fave" (his is "Blue Jay Way").

    I may have written this before but I'm a musician and for an entire tour me and another member of the band pitted Beatle songs against each other...."Let It Be vs. Hey Jude!" "Hard Day's Night vs. Help!" I've always been shocked by people's answers! (I happen to love both Blue Jay Way AND Old Brown Shoe, haha).

    Anyways...thanks for answering, I loved your answers, and you listed some Beatle books that I don't have, and even though I've had it since it came out, I STILL have never read the Ray Coleman bio of John! Now I must!!!!

    Beatles Forever, and this blog too!!!

  4. hi sara I'm luis from mexico city the guy who sent you the picture of ringo at the mexican airport. I just want to tell you that my tickets to paul and ringo concerts have been cheapest than yours but I had the pleasure to see them both outside the hotel and at the airport. why don't you try the same? best of luck