Monday, September 3, 2012

Nice Guy Paul helps a budding photographer

This short little story and photo appeared in the New York Post on October 18, 1982 and was reproduced in the fanzine, Instant Karma Issue Number 7 (Dec 1983/ January 1984).  Too bad the photo was of such a bad quality...

A dream came true for Queen College photograph student Bruno Chavez as he was walking down Second Avenue the other day.  First he spotted Paul McCartney and wife Linda in a pet store.  Bruno went in and got the ex-Beatles's autograph, then asked him to wait while he ran out to get his camera.  Paul not only waited, but got Linda to take this picture of him with the young lens-man.  Bruno just happened to be wearing his Beatlefest t-shirt that day.   Paul was in town on business for a few days before flying back to London to make a movie.

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