Monday, September 3, 2012

Literacy Luncheon

Again looking at the June/July 1985 issue of The Write Thing, there is a nice little story by Australian fan, Graham Moyle who met George in November 1984 when he was working with Derek Taylor to promote his book.   

George with Graham Moyle November 1984 in Australia

I was lucky enough to attend the Literary Luncheon for Derek Taylor's new book Fifty Years Adrift (which sells for $375!) I knew about the event in early September when I received a phone call from Sydney saying George would be in town.  I nearly fell off my seat as I couldn't believe the news, especially went the guy on the phone stated calmly "we have given you a free ticket."  (they were being sold at $60 per head to select people).

Derek Taylor had been touring Adelaide a month before and I had asked for an interview or as Derek called it, "a chat over lunch."  So that's what happened on October 30, Derek and I had a two hour chat.  That interview plus photos was printed in Beatles Beat Down No. 8.

Back to the luncheon in November, George is the guy I admire the most and to meet him was exciting.   During the luncheon I introduced myself and he offered his hand, we said a few words.  George is extremely friendly and a fantastic person.

The crowd was told that George would not be signing anything so please don't ask.  Then ten minutes later George had pen in hand signing away and he didn't mind.  So many people had LP covers, books, luncheon tickets (these were very nice 4 x 6 hand-numbered tickets).

After the luncheon I made my way to the next floor which contained about 30 press people.  Yes, folks a press conference!  This went on for 40 minutes.   George commented on many things:  that he is still recording demos and has written 38 songs.  This was the perfect opportunity , so I went up to George at the end of the press conference and asked if he would mind if I got a photo.  George placed his arm over my shoulder and I was lucky enough to get a number of photos with him.  That was it, then he left.

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