Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Summer of 1980


  1. these are new to me, sara! i was in new york city in the summer of 80. spent a few weeks there on vacation. i didn't want to bother john, so i never went to the studios where he was recording (my friend was a dj and found out from a friend of his) or stand outside the dakota. need i say how much i regret that now?

    1. Wow, that's amazing.

      Lizzie, do you mind me asking, when, in fact, was the last time you saw John? And what about the other three Beatles? And also, another question I'm curious about; how did Yoko regard you guys back in the day? (excuse me, not "you guys", "you girls!")

      Lastly, I can't even tell you how surreal it is to me that one of the voices on "Across The Universe" is here, among us! I remember the very first time I heard the "Wildlife" version, I was about 5 or 6 years old and already an obsessive Beatle fanatic....someone had made our family an 8-track tape (!) of rare Beatles material, from bootlegs. There was BBC stuff on there, some stuff from the "Get Back" album...I was obsessed with this 8-track! The 8-track opened with the Wildlife version of "Across The Universe", I was fascinated by the very idea that there could be TWO completely distinct versions of "Across The Universe"....even though, I could tell they were the same take! The wah-wah guitars, and your sweet, simple, innocent voices, and the bird sounds.....goosebumps! So, thank you.

      This blog is so special.....and the fact that you're here, clarifying so many of these amazing pictures, explaining who is standing in the background, or what was going on in a particular just makes it even MORE special, MORE fun! Thank you so much!