Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meeting John at WNEW in 1974

Not a photo taken during the radio interview, but one taken during the recording of "Walls and Bridge" in the late summer of 1974.

I have already posted one story about some fans meeting John when he did a radio interview with Dennis Ellis for New York radio station WNEW in 1975.  Well here is another story from Michael Stankowits who also met John briefly at the same radio station in September 1974.  This story is from the October/November 1974 issue of the Write Thing.

I FINALLY met John!    Let me tell you the story.  My friend and myself received a phone call telling us that John was at radio station WNEW in NYC.  We hopped into my car and drove into the city, when we got there, there were about 20 people waiting in the lobby.  I pulled right in front of the door and parked.  I brought out petitions and buttons and everyone thought I was a friend of John's because we had all this Lennon stuff with us.  They also thought Iw as goign to pick him up since I left the car running (with the idea of following him).  Well, at about 6:10 John and May Pang came out.  He walked over to me and stated signing autographs for people.  The way we were situated, I was the only person able to talk to him because we were standing between my car and another.  He asked me for a button and thanked me for what we were doing (in regard to the "Save Lennon" campaign).  He told me if I wanted to get in touch with him, that I should write to Apple.  He signed a petition for me.  It was great!  

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  1. in a way i'm glad i was here in rio in the summer of 1974, singing jingles and backing vocals for a living and taking care of my then almost 3-year-old daughter as a divorced parent. if i had seen such gorgeousness in front of me then, i would probably have fainted flat on my face. too cool for words! i love this man...