Sunday, August 26, 2012

Band on the Run

On Thursday, I posted Barb Fenick's side of the story of when she met Paul and Linda in their house on Cavendish Avenue in 1973 as written for "The Mess."   Now I have for you her friend, Becky's side of the same story found in the same fanzine.    It is basically the exact same story, but just from Becky's point of view instead of Barbs.   

There has been a bit of discussion about how the date of August 29, 1973 cannot be true because Paul had been in Lagos since August 9.   Here are my thought on this.    I will almost always believe the date a fan who was there gives, especially in a story that was written not too long after the event, over what was written in a book.  There are some great historical Beatle Books out there, but event he best Beatle authors make mistakes or get false information.  Over the years people's memories fade and false dates get spread around.    However, the fans that met the Beatles are most likely going to remember the date the circumstances around that date and many of the fans kept journals of the events and even wrote down what the guys were wearing.   So I believe Barb and Becky's account that Paul did not leave for Lagos until August 30 or 31st.   You all can decide for yourself what you will believe.

Band on the Run
Dateline:  Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
Police headquarters all around the world have been kept busy for the past three months since the escape of Paul McCartney and Wings (famous pop trio), from a London jail.  No one is sure of the exact day of the escape, and Scotland Yard is literally baffled by the whole thing. But, in America the police are taking things into their own hands, and unsuspected citizens are being dragged off the streets and put through torturous interrogations.  Such is the case of one Rebecca Larter (alias J.R.), when it was found out that she had seen and talked to two of the trio last August prior to their arrest.  This is her story.

“Well I don’t know exactly how to tell this to you.  I first saw Linda the night of August 28th, Mary McCartney’s birthday.  I went to their house with my dear husband Wayne and a mutual friend of our, Barb.  It was dark out and we thought for sure if we went by and the lights were on that would mean they were home.  They were on and suddenly I was cold as ice.  Finally, Wayne rang the front buzzer and Linda answered with a friend, “Hello!”  Wayne said we had a birthday gift for little Mary and Linda said she’d come out and get it.  She opened the front gate, Heather was with her.  Linda looked gorgeous in a black dress and beads.  We must have chatted for five minutes or so.  She said they had just stuffed themselves full of cake and ice cream.  I gave her a couple sketches I had done and the scrapbook I started making of newspaper clippings way back in 1969, she had admired it then.  Barb mentioned if she remembered when my mom and I had talked to her then and she did remember and repeated several things that had happened too.  I was happy that she had remembered.  Well, of course we asked if we could see “the man” but he was evidently too full of cake and ice cream cause Linda said it wasn’t possible just then.  But we did sort of talk her into seeing him the next day even though they would be  busy preparing for their trip to Lagos.  Meanwhile, Mary and Stella came out the front door, standing on the top step and started to come out to the gate, and then Linda said it was time for her to go in.  So we said goodnight.  Wayne and I returned to our hotel room, where I immediately had to start finishing the portrait I was painting of Paul and Linda because I really wanted to give it to them before they left for Legos.  Needless to say we were both up till 4 ‘o’clock in the morning.

After changing our hotel and running around London looking for the perfect gifts for the whole family we were finally on the Tube to St. John’s Wood.  Nervous as could be we approached the gate and gave the buzzer a buzz, but no one was home.  A neighbor girl who was watching their dog informed us they had gone to get their vaccinations.  We were going to leave and come back but the red Lamborghini came around the corner before you know it Paul popped out, with a smile a nod and a good day.  I wished I hadn’t been too nervous because I was so dumb.  But anyway, Wayne, dear Wayne did the fast talk with his foot in the gate, so to speak and before we knew it we were being asked inside the gates.  Wayne just told Paul that we had these things to give him and something real special to show them.  What a whirl.  I just remember Paul kept saying “this better be good.”  Shit, it just made me more nervous.  Wayne took Heather and Mary to the side and showed them my painting and said didn’t they think it deserved to be put up in the hosue somewhere.  Oh yes, definitely as Mary danced about saying “It’s a picture of mommy and daddy!”  Linda, lovely Linda, then asked us, why we all don’t go in the house.  At this point, I felt al little faint.  I always had dreamed of being in Paul’s house but somehow you’re never quite prepared.  So we entered the hallowed halls of the McCartney mansion.  It was absolutely breath taking, being in that house.  I knew now that it was every man and woman for himself.  Everyone went to the room in the back of the house for the unveiling of my masterpiece and I chose to hide in the kitchen during the whole thing because I was afraid he wouldn’t like it.  I heard Linda saying how nice it was and Paul may have mumbled something but I didn’t hear him.  I silently snuck into the room, it was lit very dimly, and Wayne was saying we should look at the painting in better light, but Paul said he liked the light the way it was.  As time goes by, everything becomes a bit hazy to me.  I slightly remember Paul kept asking questions like, was Wayne still happy or if I was still happy being married. I think he asked me if Wayne was a good husband to me.  I know he seemed quite concerned about my welfare.  Then we all trooped into the kitchen, seems odd when I think on it now, Stella sitting in the middle of the floor unwrapping everything, it was really chaos and me, well, I was somewhat hanging onto the rim of the counter for fear of falling over.  Linda was standing next to me examining the contests of the bagful of gifts.  We tried to get it through that we brought a bottle of wine in hopes that we’d all sit down and have some but it didn’t work.  Paul was in the refrigerator getting something to drink, which has unanimously been elected as egg nog.  I guess I was staring at him the whole time although I remember trying not to.  Heather kept coming up to me and telling me it was nice to meet me but it was time for me to go.  Finally I made it clear that I had no intention of leaving until Paul told me to.  I guess it was Wayne and Paul who did all the talking (typical).  I could only talk to Linda.  I told her that we probably wouldn’t be back to London for some time and she was a bit surprised and said, “Oh really?”  She looked so thin and she was really so nice, sometimes I like her more than Paul.  Before I knew it we were in the room where my painting was sitting, I don’t know how we got there and then Wayne asked if we could take some pictures and Paul reacted oddly to that request, as if he didn’t know what Wayne meant. 

 We went out the back door, Paul had suggested we take the photos in the back, and were bombarded by a zooful of dogs that suddenly disappeared when Paul stepped out.  I have no idea where they went.  Linda and Paul stopped at the top step and then I stopped at the one right below Paul.  The picture take was really the fun part everyone was laughing and Paul made silly jokes and silly expressions for the camera.  Luckily, Wayne and Barb took the pictures.  I just don’t think I could have kept a steady hand.  Paul and Wayne did get in a little discussion over whether or not we enjoyed bothering him, he kept insisting that we did, but, with a little help from Linda (thanks Linda), and Paul was set straight.  I also spit out a few quiet whispers on how much it meant to us to be there and he looked at me and said he understood.  He also managed to move up a little bit ad put his arm around me and I just don’t think I could ever say what that was like.  We all just about knew it was soon time to go as we went back in and to not hold back my emotions so I grabbed Linda around the neck and hugest her, she hugged me back, I said she would never know how much it meant to me, everything.  After Wayne, Barb had both shook hands with Paul and said their goodbyes it was my turn, somehow as much as I wanted to express myself as I had with Linda I couldn’t so it was a handshake instead of a kiss, for Paul and me too, but I held his hand for a minute and gazed into his eyes.  It was time and Barb and Wayne and I walked to the front gate as Paul and Linda and Stella waved a fond farewell. 

 And that’s the way it was.  As of this date, Paul and Linda McCartney are still at large.  Any one who may know of their whereabouts, we ask that you contact “The Mess” or your local police immediately.  Keep Britain Tidy.


  1. Sarah I agree completely with your comments regarding the dates that fans give vs. the dates that biographers give. I've found that the people who were actually there and to whom the Beatles actually mean something, are much more accurate.

  2. Hey Sarah, sorry I started the whole debacle in the solo forums :) I just was wondering which one was correct and the evidence definately points to them leaving August 30th. Thanks for all the info you provide.
    Jon (rrspeedway1973)