Saturday, July 21, 2012

In Chicago

This summer one of my goals is to work on the Beatles solo photo forum and organize it better.  In doing this, Guus has helped solve one of the biggest mysteries to me.   We now know when John and Yoko were in Chicago!  

The fan in this photo thought the photo was taken in 1971, which is what put a bit of confusion in the date.   But here is his memory:

They were leaving a taping of a TV interview show. A friend and I were waiting in the lobby near the elevators and they just walked out. After a few photos, we followed them outside as they went on their way. It was magical.

Guus has found out that the actual date of the photos is May 10, 1972.   John and Yoko appeared on the Kup show that day and then on May 12 they appeared at the Jet magazine offices for that magazine shoot.    Interesting information!  And a major help to me.


  1. Hi. I knew it was the Kup show at NBC but I was not sure about the exact date. I was only off a year. :-/ Thanks again.

  2. Hey...being off by one year isn't too bad. Memories are strange things. I know that if I don't write down important dates, I can't go by my memory.

    Your photos have always interested me since I live in Illinois (far from Chicago, but still...). Have you seen the other fan taken photos from when John was in Chicago in 1972? click on "Chicago" in the tags and they will come up.

    1. The guy who took this photo lives in Lincolnwood, Illinois. We're no longer friends. I've tried to contact him but he shows no interest in restarting the friendship. It's a pity because he has more Beatle photos and a much better memory.