Monday, July 30, 2012

Fan club chat

Remember that episode of the Simpson's where Marge gets a response from  Ringo 20 years after writing the letter?   That is what seeing this bag full of fan mail makes me think of.   How many of you wrote a fan letter to the Beatles?   Did you get a response?


  1. I wrote a letter to John in the 70s, when I was really young (I was born in 69, and I probably wrote to him around 76, 77, 78, something like that....I was really young and I know it was multiple pages, but other than that I can't remember what I wrote).

    Anyways, I didn't get a response, but in some interview....probably the Playboy interview....he rails against little kids writing to him, asking him if the Beatles are going to get back together....I remember him saying "I think that's sick!!!" and going on to say, yeah, dig the Beatles, but dig Queen or whatever else is going on currently.

    So, I've always thought that maybe he was talking to me!!! That was my response!!!

    1. he was a dick though so dont take it personaly

    2. I didn't take it personally. Where did I say I took it personally?

      Hey, Matt, how come all internet trolls don't know how to spell? Seriously, what is that all about? Is negotiating English that difficult for you?

      I don't know that John was a "dick", but man oh man, I gotta say it, you sure come off as one! Ahhh, poor guy. It ain't your fault. It's your parents.

      Hey Matt! Watch out for those four-syllable words, dude, they'll trip you up every time!

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  3. Is this the real Beatles

  4. I love listening to the Beatles in fact I'm listening to one of my favorite songs now, With a little help from my friends, Long live the beatles!