Monday, July 16, 2012

Broadstreet in New York

Jennifer Campbell posted this on the Beatles Social Network and gave me permission to post it here for you all.   Much thanks for Jennifer for sharing her Paul photo and memory
  Here's the back story to the photo. I was 18 and in college in upstate NY. I had attended a Beatlefest in NJ and must have put my name on something because they sent me a postcard to "welcome" Paul at the movie debut at 8:15 or so. So I take the train down from Albany and start walking to the theater (I wanna say it was around 56th St., but I found it because of those overhead movie premier lights going back and forth in the sky). It was 7ish, the barricades were already up with the line of police asking the crowd to stay on the side of the street opposite the theater. I remember being in front of a McDonald's with about 100 other people -- 5 lanes (no traffic) between us and the theater. Then the limos start arriving. I remember seeing Yoko and Sean get out...and Julian. Big hurrays from the growing crowd as each celebrity got out. Then his limo pulls up and we knew it was him because he rolled the backseat window down about 5 inches and waved to us. I remember putting my foot on the barricade, pushing the policeman down (I actually stepped on his hand), ran across the 5 lanes to that same window, tried the door, and then put my camera on top of the limo. I got 6 or so shots off before the policeman grabbed my shoulders and escorted me back to McD. I was a 110 lb., 5'2" giggly girl, but this was 1984 in NYC, so I'm sure Paul's security wasn't too happy to see me sprinting towards him. I don't think anyone else broke the barricades. I thought about hanging around until after he came out of the movie but I needed to find a place to stay. So I called my Mom back in Texas and asked if she knew anyone in NYC. She did. It's a nice memory for me.

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  1. as some of you might know, i lived in new york from 1984 to 94 and my friends and i were also sent that letter inviting us to see paul outside the movie theatre (see how we progressed from simply "hanging around" to being INVITED to stand outside!) - i wish i had that letter to scan for you. we actually saw him arriving at a nearby hotel (julian arrived there too, i believe by coincidence, and there's a black and white photo of the two of them from that day) and after he left we all (a whole bunch of people) ran down the street to catch him arriving at the premiere. it felt a bit like a scene from a hard day's night!