Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Break up day

Apple Scruffs singing "Hey Jude" on the steps of Savile Row

George had just walked out and Mal is leading Ringo through the crowd of fans and reporters

Ringo heading towards the car
Someone handed Ringo a hat that he puts on for a second before handing it back and getting into the car

One of the Apple Scruffs with the hat Ringo was wearing smiles for the cameras.
There is a video on youtube (you can find it on Meet The Beatles for Real facebook page) of Derek Taylor and Mavis Smith being interviewed about the Beatles break-up.    The end of that interview shows a reporter standing outside of Savile Row.   You can see the Apple Scruffs with their purses hanging standing around while reporters are trying to get something from them.   There is a very short snippet of them singing "Hey Jude."   Then George walks out (I could hear him say Hare Krishna) and Mal leads Ringo out.

It is interesting footage, especially when you consider that the announcement by Paul that the Beatles had broke up was out that day.   No one there was crying.   I was watching the George documentary and they showed a little bit of this footage and then they showed girls crying.   So this is insane,but I recognized those girls as being from Paul's wedding in March 1969.    So the George documentary talked about the Beatles break up and wanted us to think that people were outside Savile Row crying, so they showed crying fans from when Paul got married.   How deceptive!  As you can see from this footage and screen caps that I made from it, no one was crying on the steps.   I guess one of my biggest pet peeves is people re-writing Beatle history.   I try my best to keep the history intact, but it seems like finding the truth is getting harder and harder. rant is now over.


  1. Hi Sara, could you give me the link to that video please?

  2. You are right Sara, no one was really surprised about Paul's annoucement and that the Beatles had broken up. John and Yoko had been making headlines for monthes. The media were crazy about what JohnandYoko did, the Beatles were no news anymore. Sad, very sad. :-(

  3. Sara, so what if it was "deceptive". I'm sure there were plenty of people around the world who DID cry that day. Maybe it was representative of those people who weren't lucky enough to be on scene that day and not "deceptive" at all.

  4. You are right Anonymous #2. Maybe I was just making a big deal out of nothing. I am sure that the Beatles breaking up did make people cry. Remember that scene from the movie Appollo 13 of the girl who locks herself in her room because the Beatles broke up? While it wasn't totally historically accurate, I am sure that the feelings were right. So they showed a clip of crying girls from Paul's wedding...sometimes I get worked up over silly things.

  5. Well Anon2, one thing that's wrong with it is that it makes you start to doubt other details in the film.

    They;re messing with history :)

  6. can you add 'Lennon' to best Beatle photo spots? thanks,.Stuart - lennon admin guy (love your blog btw!!)

  7. hi sara I think your rant is useless as long as people think of the beatles as gods and not as who they really are.. just human beings... people will keep making up stories to have the dream going on

  8. In retrospect, I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did. Thanks to Paul wanting to keep them together for a few more years. It must have been intolerable being around them at that time. Yoko had glued herself to John and honestly, that's just annoying as can be. John was a scared punk-ass at times,he was that way with Cynthia and he kind of used Yoko to wedge himself between him and the rest of the band.Yoko went along with it though.She should have said 'NO I don't want to sit there in the studio with you' and leave the music to them. But Noooooo, she was a stalker and she really wedged herself into his life. Just look at photos of those two kissing.They kissed like brother & sister and not like two people who supposedly loved each other.Situations intolerable....