Thursday, May 17, 2012

Swimming Beatles

Does anyone have the article where these photos came from?  (I believe it is called Valentine magazine?)  I would love to read Valerie's story about when she made a splash with the Beatles!


  1. WOW! You found more (and more complete) photos from this session! This session is a undated one and was also subject to my moptop-research here:
    2 January 1963 - 22 March 1963
    Savage has one photo from the swimming bath session as 1962.
    Ringo has considerably long hair, George as well. (mouse-over all but John to see alternate photos)
    "The Beatles London" (pg. 60) features the two photos these excerpts were taken from:
    "The Swimming pool in the basement of this building (University of London Union) was the site of an unusual Beatles session with London photographer Derek Berwin for Fleetway Publications, which issues such teenage girls' magazines as Valentine and Fabulous. The pool was hired one morning in early 1963, between 9 and 11a.m. The Beatles, who were due at London Airport at 11:30 for a domestic flight, arrived quite late, dressed in leather jackets. They changed quickly into striped summer shirts [...] brought along by "Valerie" of Valentine. [...] Derek Berwin first lined up the Beatles on the diving board. Then John and George suggested a swim, so trunks [...] were produced and three Beatles - Ringo sat on the sidelines because he couldn't swim - played around in the water with the props. At 11a.m. they were rushed to London Airport by Berwin in his Mini. The resulting photographs were published in Valentine on 8 June 1963 and in the booklet Valentine '65 Pop Special (published 1964)."
    Early 1963 London dates that might have been followed by flight on the next morning:
    2 January 1963 - hairwise possible
    12 February 1963 - hairwise likely - the day chose for now.
    6 March 1963 - hairwise likely
    10 March 1963 - hairwise possible
    12 March 1963 - hairwise possible, but probably not: John has a cold
    22 March 1963 - hairwise likely

  2. I have the magazine it came from there's some more photos. I will type up the artivle and scan ths pix if you like.

  3. Ohhhh they are sooo cute and this information is so interesting! Thanks Sara, Ken and all!!