Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ringo and Maureen at Gatwick

I have posted these photos taken May 21, 1971 of Ringo and Marueen at the Gatwick Airport on their way to Mick Jagger's wedding before.  The ones I have posted prior to today were much smaller but more compete than these that were posted on the Maureen Starr Tribute yahoo egroup page.  They were available for purchase through the "With a Little Help from my friends" fanzine, so most likely a story of the fan who took these photos is out there somwhere...


  1. Great photos. The date was in fact 12 May 1971 :)

  2. I changed the photo captions with these scans at the Maureen Starr Tribute because I'm not certain if they were taken at Gatwick or more likely arriving in St. Tropez. All the photos of Ringo and Mo that are definitely at Gatwick show Ringo with his collar buttoned and Mo with dark lipstick. In these Ringo's collar is open and Mo doesn't have lipstick - perhaps after relaxing on the flight to France? -The flight and the wedding were May 12, 1971.