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New From London 1987

In Issue #57 of the fanzine, With a little help from my friends, a fan named Petra Zeitz wrote an article called 'News from London' which highlighted all of the gossip and news on the Beatles from the spring of 1987.   In the land before the internet, it is interesting how this is how fans got the Beatles news.   Lots of it spread from word of mouth through fanzines, even in the late 1980's!   It is interesting to real the news that ended up being wrong.  As well all know, Paul did not have a tour in 1988 and Ringo did not have an album come out in December of 1987. Petra's news she tells of how she met Ringo, Paul, Donovan, Julian and Cyn!

Photo taken by Petra Zeitz 29 June 1987

Both Paul photos taken by Petra on 13 July 1987 at MPL

News from London
By Petra Zeitz
On June 29 (1987) I met Ringo and Barb in front of their London office.  They came out quite late and had friends with them, so I felt a bit embarrassed.  Ringo said something like, “Waiting in the mews…”  Luckily I had bought him an early birthday card and he was really nice when I gave it to him.  I asked if I could take a photo and he said, “Ok, consider it as your birthday!” and I took the picture. He also said that his album will be out around Christmas (?!?).  I thanked him for doing the Prince’s Trust concert and he said, “That was great doing it!” He, Barbara, and their two friends then went to a restaurant which was just across the street. Of course I didn’t wait any longer because I didn’t want to annoy them.

Five days later I saw them again, though, and that wasn’t even planned.  My friends and I got into a party for Island Records’ 25th anniversary at Pinewood Film Studios.  It was a real celebrities’ bash.  The atmosphere was great, like in a club, and at 2 a.m.  Ringo and Zak started jamming with Eric Clapton, Andy Summers, and others on a little stage.  It was just fantastic!  They played some improvised stuff, rather bluesy.  The music was great and it was a thrill to see them playing just for their own fun.  Ringo came off stage shouting, “It was great, great, great!!!” and he hugged Barbara, who was waiting for him next to the stage.

Paul and Linda went to concerts by Peter Gabriel and Genesis when they played in London.  At the Genesis concert at Wembley Stadium.  Olivia also turned up with some friends unexpectedly, and as there wasn’t enough space in the box, Stella had to sit on dad lap!

I met Paul at MPL in mid and late July.  He had very short hair then.  It was nice seeing him, but as there were so many fans around, I could hardly talk to him.  Mike Mac came too.

We heard Paul’s tour is planned for next year, coming to the USA in summer or fall and finishing in England before Christmas ’88.  It looks like a year to look forward to!

The last session of George’s album ended with a big party at Friar Park on August 9th.  In attendance were Eric Clapton and Elton John.  Ringo was on holiday in Hawaii at that time but he’s playing on the album too.  I met Donovan in early July and he said he’d written a song for George called “Dear Heart” and that George was still recording it.

Back in April, I met Julian and Cyn.  Julian appeared as the Baker in the stage show of “The Hunting of the Snark” at the Royal Album Hall.  He sang “Midnight Smoke” and parts of other songs.  It was brilliant!  The first time I’ve ever seen him.  I met Cyn during the interval.  She was really sweet.  She said she was really nervous and so was Julian.  It wasn’t a rock concert, but something special.  I met Julian when he left after the show.  He said he was writing new songs, but had no immediate recording plans, and that Justin was working with Dweezil Zappa.


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  1. Wait, I believe Ringo's ill-fated Memphis sessions were from 1987, were they not? And then he had to sue Chips Moman in 1989.

    Also, Paul did end up touring in 1989. I think the album that turned out to be "Flowers In The Dirt" was recorded over many years, with the initial album (which I believe was called "Return To Pepperland") being shelved. Paul famously prefers (or at least preferred) to tour in support of new product, so it could be that he planned to tour in 1988, but when the album got pushed back it turned into 1989.

    You are right though about the fanzines, and I have recently found a whole stack of them from the 1980s in my old room, from when I was in high school! Let me know if there's anything I can do, maybe I can send them to you or something. My email is and I absolutely LOVE your is AMAZING.