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Lucky Teen-Ager met the Beatles!

This story comes from a newspaper, "the Yuma Daily Sun" from Yuma, Arizona.   It was published on August 26, 1964. 

Lucky Teen-Ager Met the Beatles!

Yuma Daily Sun (Yuma, Arizona) Aug. 26, 1964

Barbara Coffey is about the luckiest teen-ager in town.


She met the Beatles!

In fact, she sat for more than 45 minutes less than three feet away from Ringo Starr, and even touched him!

It all began a few weeks ago when she quietly entered the “Cloud 9” contest sponsored by Dig magazine, published in Hollywood.  This monthly contest grants a wish to a lucky contestant.  With a positive approach, Barbara said she’d like to have a ticket to the Beatles’ performance at the Hollywood Bowl.

The ticket wasn’t possible, but she, with her mother, Mrs. Kenneth Coffey, boarded Bonuza airlines at 11:37 pm. Sunday for Los Angeles.  It was the first flight for mother and daughter.

They were among 200 in the Cinnamon Cinder (a young adult nightclub) for a special press conference with the famed group from England.

Ringo, the drummer, has the bluest eyes – it’s like looking into a clear swimming pool, Barbara remembers.  He wore a tan shirt and has “peaches and cream” complexion.

John, the married one who plays rhythm guitar, wore a blue shirt.  His hair has a reddish tint.

George, lead guitarist, was wearing a pale pink shirt, Barbara continued.

Paul, the one with the laughter and who is a left-handed bass guitar player, was wearing a gray shirt.

Mrs. Coffey commented each wore a black embossed tie of matching style and pattern.

Barbara asked if Ringo had a middle name – he doesn’t.  George doesn’t either, she was told.

Mrs. Coffey asked about Ringo’s  “lucky” rings, to which the drummer displayed his hands with four rings which he says he has worn for three years.

After the noisy press conference was over, the group was presented with gold records and a key to the city.  They were nearly mobbed by an onrush of females, to which they responded in good nature and with smiles.

Off they were swooshed in a black Cadillac limousine in spite of the teen-agers hanging on to keep them – to their performance at the Hollywood Bowl.

The first time Barbara saw The Beatles was on their initial appearance for the Ed Sullivan Show.  At first she said “eh” then looked again and her mind changed to “aaah” and from then on she became a devout Beatles fan.

She collects everything pertaining to the Beatles – even the bubble gum cards.

When the movie, “Yeah Yeah Yeah” was at the Yuma theatre, she said her younger sister, Rosella, 12, waited in the long line opening day.  Rosella fainted, but they saw the show and planned to see it again.

Barbara is 16 (in 13 days) and will be a junior at Yuma High School when classes resume next week.  She has studied all the information obtainable on The Beatles, and is quite the authority on the group.

The first name was The Quarrymen, which was changed several times to the Silver Beatles and finally The Beatles.  They filled in for a group in Hamburg, Germany in August 1960 and by the end of that year did their first professional job in Liverpool.

In late 1962, Ringo was added to their roster and they came out with their first hit, “Love me Do.”

Yes, it is still “Cloud 9” for Barbara as she is more than ever the admirer of the group, winning over America with their own style of singing.  Their personalities are “wonderful” and she likes their mod dressing with heeled boots and lapel-less suits.

She wants to get John’s book, “In his Own Write,” will never forget Ringo’s eyes, was fascinated by George’s shyness and Paul’s laughter.  Also she is looking forward to seeing their second film, which is to be produced next year and in color, according to the rumors.

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