Sunday, May 27, 2012

The last time

These photos are very sad to me.  They were taken on November 26, 1980.   Unknown to everyone, these photos were taken either before or after Ringo and John met up in New York and also unknown to everyone, it was the last time the two pals would see each other.   I would guess that was also the first time John met Ringo's new girl, Barbara. 


  1. well sara not very unknown to those who admire john and have read about the last 5 years of his life

  2. I meant that at the time the photos were taken it was unknown to everyone that it would be the last time they would see each other. Also it wasn't known that they had gotten together that day until after John's death and we started reading those books.

  3. First off, thanks for the pictures, as always, and seeing these pics blew me away.

    Which makes me sad to have to say:

    SECONDLY: Why don't people just be grateful for Sara's efforts? The efforts that you get, free of charge!

    I never saw these pictures, I have an entire library of Beatle books, old Beatle fanzines and the like, just like you do and everybody else who visits this blog. This fantastic blog. It hurts ME to see the only comment left under these definitely historic pictures is some person nit-picking. You want your money back?

    If I were Sara, and I got comments like that, I'd be so discouraged, I'd just stop posting altogether! It's a credit to her that she doesn't! I for one am grateful! VERY grateful.

    Sara, please don't let ANYTHING ever discourage you. You are SO generous with your time and efforts, and I just get such a kick out of this site, always find something new....after I thought I had seen everything about the Four-Headed Monster. We LOVE you, you're our sister!

    Which is why I want to share with you something amazing I found on You Tube. It's a seventeen year old girl waiting for Paul to come on this year's Grammy Awards. It's funny and touching,and proves that NOTHING has changed, they're still as potent as ever.

    Enjoy. And thanks again. AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!! :D

  4. Thank so Anon for your kind words. They really mean a lot to me. Sometimes it is discouraging when people criticize the things I do and post. I am not perfect and I make type-os and mistakes. But overall the response I receive from this blog is extremely positive. I plan to keep doing it for a long time.

  5. Marjorie was also with Ringo and Barb's this night, it amazes me that not one photo of John and Yoko from this night has surface. Oh, and your critics can kiss Miss Tammy freshly Naired butt.

    1. I'm with the 2nd 'Anon' on this one. You do a top job Sara, keep it up. Don't let some bitter old twat hiding behind their anonymity criticize you and your blog for things that aren't actually worth criticizing. Unless of course you don't like The Beatles, in which case, bugger off. Love and peace.

  6. i'm with db. dear sara, your blog is a source of joy for many, many of us here. i confess i visit several times a day... like you, i have always loved stories of fans meeting the boys, and i have a ton of those fanzines. thank you for all time and effort you put into the blog - it is greatly appreciated!