Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Abbey Road

so this photo was supposedly taken the exact same day as the now-famous album cover shoot of Abbey Road.  Questions that I wonder include, who took this photo?   Why did this person take the photo?   And most importantly, do you see the big group of fans  waiting over there outside of EMI Studio?   Did they get to meet one or more of the  Beatles?


  1. Linda took some pictures during the Abbey Road shoot. COuld this be one of hers?

  2. Really the dame day? It's strange. In the picture of the cover there's no White line on the right side of the road (between the cross walking and the first car on the left. Aldo the little White squadre at each corner of the White strips are almost invisibile.
    The picture is surely post 1966 since the car on the left (there was IF28;-) was commercialized since 1966.