Thursday, March 1, 2012

John's other painted car

John psychedelic Rolls Royce is most likely his most well-known car. And it is easy to understand why because John was frequently seen in the bright yellow painted car during the late 1960's. However, John had a Bentley that was also painted in bright psychedelic colors. The Rolls Royce was seen a lot in 1967 and the Bentley was seen in 1968. As a matter of face, you can see the Bentley at the beginning of a promo video for Apple records. The car itself was used mostly for Apple tailoring and was often seen parked on King's Road in London outside of Apple Tailoring. Australian designer, John Crittle drove it most often even though the car was reigtured in John Lennon's name.


  1. John Lennon’s Rolls Royce had been John Lennon’s major trademark many years ago. Its stunning appearance almost became famous as the musician, and it has gained admirers as well. I believe it is one of the first cars that has established an amazingly painted car exterior. Although there are so many well-designed cars right now, nothing can still compare to the Rolls Royce that made a remarkable car history.

    Junior Perrera

  2. As much as I love vintage cars, I also love The Beatles and everything that’s associated with them. Hihi! Does that make me a crazy fan girl? Perhaps, a truly dedicated fan! :P Anyway, that Rolls Royce definitely mirrors John Lennon’s personality – psychedelic, awesome, and exceptional! =)