Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heritage auction

The girl who was the local Chicago area Beatles fan club president in 1965 is selling the items she received that year when she saw the Beatles at Cominski Park through Heritage Auctions.   It is a really neat lot of items!   This girl, Beth's father was the owner of the hotel where the Beatles stayed, the O'Hare Sahara Inn, so she was able to get some neat items that were left in their hotel room.   Included in the auction are:  two pillowcases that were used by two of the Beatles, an autographed Help! album (most likely signed by Mal or Neil), Mal and Neil's autographs, photos from BBM (seen here),  fan mail that was left behind, a bubble gum wrapper chain that was left in the hotel room, ticket stub to the Chicago concert.   These items are expected to sell for $1,500 or more.  Wow!

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