Monday, March 5, 2012

George Harrison Fan club Charter

Here are two photos of George looking and signing the official charter of the George Harrison Fan club ran but Pat Kinzer along with a copy of the charter George signed that day in 1968. Pat knew how to run a fan club, didn't she? She didn't just run a little fan club out of her clubhouse or something, but she went to George house and asked him to sign the charter herself. Just a reminder that you can read about this in the book, 'Do you want to know a secret?'

Here is a little bit of what occurred when George signed the charter for her

When he finished signing for everyone else, I gave him my things. First I gave him a postcard of Esher to sign for Betty Ann. “You want me to sign this???” he laughed. I then gave him 5 copies of my revised fan club charter. He read it first, and then asked me if the club had anything to do with the official Beatles fan club (Beatles USA Ltd.) in New York. When I said no, that it was an independent club and I did it all by myself, he said if I joined up with Beatles USA Ltd., I wouldn’t have to do it all myself. “But George, I WANT to do it myself because I enjoy it so much”! He smiled and said “OK, it’s up to you. I’ll sign these then; just wanted to be sure you don’t take me to court!” “What would I want to take you to court?” I asked. Then he asked me why he was supposed to sign 5 copies of it, so I explained who each one was for. When he was finished, I gave one of the charters to him.

I also gave him a stack of letters, a tape recording, and a couple of gifts from fan club members. He put them in the house, along with his copy of the fan club charter, and then I handed him two autograph books to sign. He asked who they were for, and when I told him they were contest prizes he said he’d just sign his name in them. Next I gave him about a dozen of photos to sign (also for contest prizes), and he kept laughing at the photos as he signed them.

After we wore out his hand, we just talked and talked. He asked us where we were all from, and when I started to say “Colleg...”, he finished it for me “Collegeville”, right? He knew the name of the hotel where we were staying, and asked us how we liked it. He remembered everything I told him in that registered letter I sent, and even things I didn’t mention in the letter. (I had a strong suspicion his mother told him a lot about me).

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